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A Day in the Life of Josh

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My day to day role is primarily to look after our vast array of different clients, which include High Street and Online Estate Agents who are selling and marketing properties on behalf of the owners.

During the first part of my day, I check through my emails and respond to any queries that have come through during the night.  The main part of my day is then spent quality checking the data returned by our network of property professionals and returning the completed work to our clients.  Our property professionals complete a wide range of jobs which include… Energy Performance Certificates, floorplans, marketing photographs and property descriptions, so I get to see a huge range of different properties inside and out.

My day is also filled with emails, telephone calls and monitoring our various CRM systems for any new jobs or actions.  I spend time liaising with our property professionals to ensure appointments are booked, making sure people are happy, and coordinating diaries to ensure everything runs smoothly.