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It’s Story Time – Connect with Your People

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Great communication with our teams and customers has never been more important.  We may have to be socially distant at the moment but that doesn’t mean we have become emotionally distant.  Our new services, which have previously only been used internally, are now being made available to our clients and include bespoke Story Teller videos and world class psychometric tools.

Story Teller Videos

Aimed at keeping people in the loop as to what is going on and a great method of saying, “you’re important to us and we care”.  These bespoke animated videos bring an engaging, informative alternative to otherwise wordy emails and enable you to deliver personal, branded, versatile messages.  They can be used for:

  • Customers – let them know you’re still around and what is going on behind the scenes
  • Furloughed workers – they will be feeling alone, worried and vulnerable and this is a great way of keeping them engaged and part of your work community
  • Teams – motivate, communicate and innovate with bespoke animated characters that reflect your team and allow them to feel connected and together



Recognised as a world class tool for recruiting, managing and developing people.  With our businesses facing unprecedented challenges both us and our people are being thrust into extraordinary and unusual circumstances.  This suite of tools includes a WORD survey, to help you understand the natural traits, characteristics and temperament of individuals and how they are likely to respond, plus SELF DEVELOPMENT SURVEYS which focus on vital areas to help and develop our people.


Each of these services are cost effective and can be adapted to suit large and small businesses.  We are deliberately making these accessible and have reflected this in the prices applied.  Any questions around either of these services can be answered and, in the meantime, we hope you and your people are keeping safe and well and we wish you continued health in these unparalleled times.