Commercial Floorplans

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Floorplans are a vital part of marketing literature and a powerful selling tool. We create professional digital 2D and 3D marketing plans which are fully customisable from colours and font to size and level of detail. Hotspot floorplans add a further dimension to a basic marketing plan offering an interactive plan with property/unit photographs popping out in each room.

Properties/units to let may also require a lease plan. A lease plan is an accurate drawing identifying a leasehold demise within a property and are drawn in accordance with Land Registry requirements.

All our floorplan drawers are highly skilled and professional and follow the RICS code of measurement.

Property descriptions are a further option and our software allows the plan and descriptions to be compiled and created simultaneously. This ensures total accuracy, CPR compliance and includes an outline of the commercial space, parking facilities and any additional property information.


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