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Our comprehensive list of inventory and property inspection services ensure the tenant, landlord and/or managing agent has a comprehensive, detailed and impartial report for their property which is open and transparent for all parties.   

Key points:

  • Clear and concise
  • Open and transparent for all parties
  • Photographic evidence
  • Reports on cleanliness and condition
  • Electronic secure format
  • Electronic signatures
  • TDS compliant
  • Reports available next working day after appointment


Standalone Inventory

Comprehensive and approved reports clearly state the condition and cleanliness of the property and highlight any works  required before a check-in.

Inventory Check-In

Conducted with either tenant or their representative present. We provide an accurate assessment of the state and condition of the property at start of tenancy to include photographic evidence and written statements with digital signatures.

Mid-Term Inspection

Completed during the term of a tenancy. Our reports include the general condition of the property, any issues or problems that may have arisen and make comment if tenant is in breach of tenancy terms.

Inventory Check-Out

Our reports provide an accurate assessment of the state and condition of the property at end of tenancy. This can then be compared with the written assessment of the property condition at the beginning of tenancy, as shown by the inventory and check-in. This is an extremely important part of the lettings procedure and failure to provide a professional and thorough check-out could result in disputes between tenant and landlord that cannot be resolved if their is lack of accurate evidence.

Void Property Inspection

Experience shows that increasingly insurance companies are refuting claims made on properties that have been vacant for more than 30 days unless there is proof of regular inspections. Our void property inspection checks the security and condition of the property (i.e. vandalism, unauthorised entry, checks for leaks or damage) so the relevant parties can take the required action.


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